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Age of Austerity

Today, the loss of an archetypical father figure and/or a chance encounter led to a series of other frankly improbable coincidences which I can like TOTALLY pass off as being part of the mosaic of American life and shit. I probably also endured a period of literal and metaphysical poverty and had to eat the pages of the red notebook on which I wrote this very MLiL, before writing an MLiL about that MLiL which – aha! – wasn’t written by me at all! PSYCH!


@aylesh says

Today, I bought my own flowers, threw a party, lost a friend. MLiL

East Egg Nest Egg

Today, I threw an awesome party. Don’t think I’m gonna go though. MLiL

Don’t Mock the Weak

Today, I got attacked by a racist with a kitchen knife. Whilst dressed as a giant ham. Boo. MLiL

Ganging Aft Agley

Urrrh, Geowge, today, I done killed a puppy. Ah culdnt help it, Geowge, I done killed it. So purdy. Urrrrh. Nah whure’s that ladeh wid all that purdy heyyur. Geowge? Urrrh, Geowge? Whaddayadooin’ Geowge? MLiL

TJ Booker

Today, I was born. So was India. So were a whole bunch of other kids. They told me so. MLiL


Today, I realised that it’s probably best we don’t mention Kevin again. MLiL